Moving From Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility – Fast-Track Growth Roadmap for SME’s.

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Strategic planning to strategic agility

Strategic planning is basically the grown-up form of business planning. It’s thinking even more ahead to return, scrutinizing by having an even sharper eye, and comprising even more unforeseen business challenges and possibilities.

Fundamental or simple strategic planning models are frequently selected by new organizations which have minimal knowledge about strategy planning. They’re also effective for companies which have very little time to invest around the strategy planning process. Because the name states, this is actually the most fundamental kind of strategy  planning that’s usually utilized by small companies until they become established.

Modern strategy  planning continues to be affected by systems theory and also the ideas help with by Peter Drucker, Edward Deming, and Peter Senge to mention a couple of. The shift in the machine age towards the understanding knowledge era altered the thinking from top lower, command and control to worker empowerment, decentralization and bottom-up planning.

In the industry world many organizations still make use of the early models and procedures although some have moved into more collaborative and inclusive processes. Many companies have a “war room” and just top leadership is incorporated in proper planning. Others now utilize a number of techniques in the growing proper planning buffet.

Medium and small Enterprises (SMEs) and critics  of traditional strategy planning continues to be that it’s not agile enough for the digital world for firms adapting agile environments, now or in the near future, should have agility in strategy planning and execution.

Go forward – we’ve the idea of ‘strategic agility’, which can be explained as the ‘power for businesses to remain competitive within their business’. This involves ongoing learning and embracing change at the speed of market change, economics and changing business requirements.

Strategic Agility has been  adapted by  modern organizations like Google, LinkedIn, and Apple plus may others. The wonder is the fact that forward thinking SMEs can perform exactly the same, with all the benefits of staying competitive, being agile and growth.

With tools for example ‘Stratplan’,  you are able to  create a strategy plan with built-in strategic agility. This is often applied company-wide or department levels, seeking to an end to end alignment. For example Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, etc. All aligned to the corporate strategy and all pulling in the same direction, with top-down planning and bottom-up execution.

Learning and adjusting is the key element of your  strategy agility. Your as an company is behave like a bunch of speedboats speeding in the same direction, rather than a big tanker that changes direction when its too late. 

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